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Should You Invest in Car Alarms and GPS Tracking Systems?

There is a vast array of car alarm and GPS tracking system technologies on the market for motorised vehicles. While some people swear by these systems, there are others that shun them entirely, calling them a gimmick and a waste of money. In this article, we will discuss some modern features of the market, along with pros and cons of these systems, and give practical advice to help you keep your prized vehicle from being stolen.

Modern Security Features

Virtually everyone owns a smart phone today. It therefore stands to reason that you can purchase apps and technology to connect your car to your phone. Today it is possible to have a real time GPS tracker and alert monitor hooked up to your phone. Your car can send you a notification if it is bumped into or if somebody tries to break in. Some systems even come with remote immobilizers that will stop the car’s engine from being functional. These security systems can be wired with alarms that can be noisy or silent. Additionally, these signals are usually encrypted to prevent tech savvy criminals from hacking the transmission and unlocking your car remotely.

Disadvantages of Car Alarms and GPS Tracking Systems

Different systems come with different pros and cons, but an unfortunate component of most high-tech wizardry is that it takes a trained professional to install it, which means it will never be cheap. Additionally, tech savvy criminals can usually access instruction manuals for how to install, and therefore, uninstall even the most expensive car alarm and GPS tracking systems.

A select disadvantage of some theft protection mechanisms is that they can run your battery down while your car is safely sitting in a garage, and even run it flat.

Advantages of Car Alarms and GPS Tracking Systems

A good GPS tracking system will use very little power and always know where your car is located. You can track the location from your smartphone or another internet enabled device, and be alerted if and when it moves. These systems can be silent and hidden. An unsuspecting thief will have no idea that they have led you and the police right to their house or illegal business until it is too late.

Street Smarts Are Always in Fashion

While it is never appropriate to blame a victim for the suffering they have endured, it is always appropriate to be conscious of your own safety and that of your vehicle. If you get a bad feeling about leaving your car in a particular location or carpark, listen to your gut and drive somewhere else. If you keep your car in a garage, close the garage when the car is inside. If you absolutely must keep your car outside, consider using a protective sheet to hide the car from prospective thieves.

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