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Spring Vehicle Maintenance

Spring is the perfect time for car maintenance and to get excited about driving again over summer.

Making some simple checks to your car after a cold winter.

Buying Tyres on Credit

What Kind of Tyres Should I Buy on Credit?

Have you been putting off new tyres due to the outlay? You’ll be in safe hands with new tyres, so here is how you can pay them off over 6 months.

Lockdown Vehicle Maintenance

Simple vehicle maintenance and checks will ensure your vehicle is safe and ready when the time comes to hit the road.

Vehicle maintenance is easy and can be performed at home with little tools and experience.

What are the best tyres for my SUV?

Sports Utility Vehicles or SUV’s are everywhere. They came onto the market in the 90’s but what have tyre brands done differentl

So, what makes a good SUV tyre and why should it be different?

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Tyrepower Fleet

Need vehicle servicing, repairs, accommodation and more for your business vehicles?
With Tyrepower ProFleet, your fleet of vehicles gets priority booking at over 270 Tyrepower locations across Australia and New Zealand.

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Tyrepower Card

Tyrepower Fleet Card

As one of Australia’s leading multibranded fuel cards, the Tyrepower Fleet Card gives you the power of so much more.

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Mobile Tyre Service

If you need tyre repairs or replacements and you can’t get to your local tyre shop, take advantage of Tyrepower’s trusted mobile tyre service. With our fully equipped vans, we provide mobile tyre repairs and new tyre fitting for most vehicles, including cars, 4x4s, vans and light trucks. Wherever you’re currently located, whether that’s at home, work or by the side of the road, our mobile tyre service ensures you can get the professional help you need when you need it most.

Common Signs of Tyre Wear and Tear

As a vehicle owner, it’s important to keep your tyres properly inflated and look out for signs of tyre wear and damage. Proactive tyre maintenance helps to prevent unnecessary punctures and flat tyres and helps to keep you and your passengers safe on the road. Visual signs of tyre damage to look out for include:

  • Uneven treadwear. When treadwear is uneven, it’s usually an indication that a wheel alignment is required.

  • Excessively worn tyre tread. If the tread depth falls below 1.6mm, it’s time for new tyres.

  • Blisters and bulges. These are tell-tale signs that the tyre’s structural integrity has been compromised.

  • Cracked sidewalls. Cracks are usually caused by UV exposure over time and can lead to leaks and even sidewall collapse.

Along with the visual signs of wear and tear and damage, excessive vibrations and strange noises (whining, thumping, squeaking, etc.) are also indications that your tyres need attention. If your vehicle is unsafe to drive any further due to tyre damage, why not make the most of the convenience our trusted mobile tyre service provides? To book a callout right now, contact your local Tyrepower store on 13 21 91.

A Full Range of Tyre Services

Our mobile tyre service is the fast and convenient way to get professional tyre fitting and repairs when you can’t get to your local tyre shop. The services we can assist you with include:

  • Supply and fit new car, 4x4 and truck tyres.

  • Computerised wheel balancing.

  • Fit new valves and weights.

  • Recycle your old tyres.

Mobile tyre fitting is available at select stores only, please contact 13 21 91 to speak to your local store or find your nearest Tyrepower here.