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Get your car ready for re-sale

You have made the decision to sell your car, but there are many factors that come into play when getting your vehicle ready for re-sale.

To maximise the amount you could potentially get for your second hand car, follow these tips from the experts at RACQ, Cars Guide and Forbes.

Looks matter

When it comes to enticing buyers, presentation is key.

  • Consider having your car professionally detailed.
  • If you are cleaning the car yourself, wash it to remove all dirt and other deposits from the painted surface. A cut and polish can bring up the shine. Clean the windows, inside and out so they sparkle. Don’t forget the door jams and other hidden crevices.
  • Closely inspect the car from all angles. Look at it from a distance, examine it up close and sit inside it. Take note of anything that might put off a prospective buyer.
  • Fresh up the car by ensuring it has a pleasant odor. Start by using an air freshener for a week or two before you plan to put your car on the market.
  • A smelly, untidy cabin is an immediate turn-off. Remove the floor mats and vacuum the whole interior, including the mats. Clean the seats, door trims and dash. Don’t forget to also clean under the seats, and empty and clean the boot!
  • Note things such as stone chips and scratches in the paint, scuff marks on the trim and heel marks in the carpet. They all detract from a car’s appeal, and you might think about having them fixed before offering it for sale.
  • Make it look presentable, but don’t spend too much on minor cosmetic repairs.

Do your research

Do your homework. It pays to do plenty of research about the used car market prior to listing your car for sale.

Determine the car’s true market value based on data from car sale sites and Redbook. Be sure to not only look at how much a car of your model, year, condition and mileage are selling for in general, but more specifically, how much are they selling for in your local area.

The more realistic you are on the price, the more likely it is to sell quickly.

Also be prepared to negotiate, and list your car for sale accordingly with your budget and expectations in mind.

Is your car mechanically sound?

It may be worth having your car serviced prior to listing it for sale, to ensure it runs smoothly.

According to RACQ, it’s also important to get a safety certificate before you advertise your car for sale, as significant fines can apply for listing a registered vehicle without this.

Your local motoring body, such as RACV or RACQ can also conduct an independent pre-inspection which could give buyers greater confidence in the car.

Take time to inflate the tyres to the correct pressure, so that the car runs smoothly during the test drive. If you are unsure about how to correctly inflate your tyres, drop in to see the experts at your local Tyrepower store.

Remove all loose items and mess from your car – including in the boot and under the seats – to ensure nothing is rattling around during the test drive, which could distract buyers.

The only items that should be left in the glove box are the owner’s manual and service book. Check that the service boo is up to date also, so that you can show the prospective buyer that you have cared for the car.

Similarly, if you have receipts for work done on the car or parts bought, have them available to show the buyer.

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