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What Happens to Your Old Tyres?

Tyrepower Participates in Tyre Recycling Programs

Ever wondered what your local tyre shop does with your old tyres?

Pros and Cons of All Terrain Tyres

Pros and Cons of All Terrain Tyres

Should you follow the trend of upgrading your tyres?

Buy the right aftermarket wheels, whatever car you drive.

Buy the right aftermarket wheels, whatever car you drive.

Want to upgrade your wheels but not sure where to start?

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Tyrepower Fleet Card

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Handy Tyre Maintenance Tips

Tyres require a lot of maintenance – and making sure you do it right and regularly is just as important as looking after your car’s engine. Without the right amount of maintenance, your tyres can wear unevenly, leading to dangerous driving conditions and poor fuel economy.

We’ve put together some helpful maintenance tips below. Keep reading to find out more.

Tyre Tips

General Tyre Care

There’s a range of tyre maintenance you can do to ensure they wear evenly, including checking your air pressure, taking care when parking or turning corners, and avoiding overloading your car.

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Choosing Your Next Tyres

If you’re at the stage where you need to select new tyres, it can be a difficult choice to make, especially if you need to choose something within a tight budget. Thankfully, Tyrepower can share seven basic tips that will help simplify your decision.

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Reading Your Tyres

Want to know what your type of tyres your car currently has? There should be a code moulded into the sidewall, which not only tells you what type of tyre you have, but helps you to understand its technical capabilities.

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Tyre Loads & Speed Ratings

Not only is it illegal to drive with tyres that are lower than the recommended speed rating, it’s also dangerous for you and other road users. That’s why it’s important you follow the appropriate speed ratings and tyre load recommendations.

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Tyre Placards

If you want to know more information about your tyres, your tyre placard is the best port of call. This placard contains all the details about correct tyre use for your car, including recommended sizes, inflation pressures and maintenance advice.

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Understanding Run Flat Tyres

Also known as mobility tyres, run flat tyres allow you to continue to run safely in the event of a sudden or gradual deflation. A number of leading manufacturers have started to equip their vehicles with these tyres.

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Space Saver Spares

If you have a highly compact vehicle, it’s likely you have a space saver spare tyre. This type of spare is lighter and smaller than the rest of the tyres on your vehicle, and designed to only be used for a short amount of time.

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Low Profile Tyres

Want to upgrade your tyres? It may be worth considering a low profile tyre, as they can generally improve your car’s steering response, handling characteristics – and even contribute to your car’s overall appearance.

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4WD Driving Tips

Driving a 4WD through the outback is a popular pastime in Australia, however it’s important that you understand the right driving practices to ensure they safety of you and your passengers.

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