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Tyre Fitting

Fitting tyres to wheels

The process of fitting a tyre to a wheel isn’t a complicated process, but it is one that needs to be done right. An incorrectly mounted tyre can cause both static and dynamic imbalances that can not be corrected by a simple wheel balancing.

All tyres will have a small ring moulded into the details on the sidewall. This allows your Tyrepower technician to verify that the tyre has been concentrically mounted correctly to the wheel and isn’t offset.

Match Mounting

There are a few methods to accurately match mount a tyre and wheel together. Your new tyres will often have a red or yellow dot on the sidewall, and sometimes both.

For OE tyres and wheels, they are often mounted using the ‘uniformity’ method, which uses the red marks, while aftermarket wheel and tyre combinations are often balanced with the ‘weight’ method.

Uniformity mounting: The Red Dot

The red dot is where the tyre manufacturer has identified and marked the point with the highest lateral runout. This is the ‘highest’ point in the tyre and is likely where internal belts have an overlap, making the tyre effectively ‘taller’ in that section.

Your vehicle’s original wheels, or some new aftermarket tyres, will have a point marked on them where the lowest lateral runout is. The red dot on the tyre is aligned with this mark on the wheel and results in a well-balanced wheel and tyre that avoids vibrations and premature tyre and suspension wear.

Weight matched mounting: The Yellow Dot

The yellow dot marks the lightest point on the tyre. This should be mounted in close proximity to the tyre valve stem hole, which is often the heaviest part of the wheel. This gives your wheels and tyres the best chance of being properly balanced with minimum stick-on or clip-on wheel weights.

Tyre Balancing

Whatever method we use, rest assured that your tyres are mounted on the wheels, balanced and fitted to your vehicle with the goal to maximise tyre life and minimise vibrations.

We have a full article on wheel balancing available, and you can get your wheels professionally mounted and balanced at any Tyrepower store across the country.

Expert tyre fitting services

Your local Tyrepower has highly skilled and qualified tyre technicians that maintain a high standard of workmanship. Our tyre fitters are certified to handle many different tyre services and products such as: Passenger Tyres, Ultra-High Performance Tyres, Run Flat Tyres, Light Truck Tyres, SUV and 4x4 Tyres.

Our trained and experienced fitters will fit your tyres to your wheels, ensuring a high level of attention to detail, cleanliness and efficiency. It is highly recommended to perform a wheel balance and alignment during the fitting of your new tyres to maximise tyre lifespan and vehicle handling performance.

For expertly fitted tyres with great attention to detail, get in touch with your local Tyrepower today to arrange an appointment. You can call us directly on 13 21 91.

For expertly fitted tyres with great attention to detail, get in touch with your local Tyrepower, , to arrange an appointment. You can call us directly on .

Not your store? Find your nearest Tyrepower here or dial 13 21 91 to find your local store.