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Why Specialised EV Tyres Are a Game-Changer for Electric Vehicles

Man looking at an electronic tablet.

The popularity of electric vehicles continues to be seen as manufacturers begin to introduce more variety of electric vehicles and supply chains return to some semblance of normality in a post-Covid world.

One question that Tyrepower constantly gets asked is; How do you know what tyres to fit to your EV? What are the benefits of EV tyres? And how are consumers meant to understand which tyres to look into and research?

With over 300 stores nationwide, we're committed to ensuring that your EV is equipped with the best tyres to enhance performance, efficiency, and comfort.

Understanding the unique demands of electric vehicles, and the confusing world of tyres, we’re excited to announce a new tyre filter option on our website. This tool allows EV owners to easily identify and select tyres that are either specifically designed for electric vehicles or excel in characteristics that complement electric vehicles.

Introducing Our New EV Tyre Filter

To make your tyre research and buying journey easier, we have introduced a dedicated tyre filtering system to help you find tyres for your electric vehicle.

Whether the tyres you’re looking at are marketed specifically towards EVs or excel in performance characteristics suitable for electric vehicles, our tool makes it easy to identify your best options.

Whether you’re browsing for tyres with your license plate, or manually searching manufacturer catalogues, you can use our advanced filter options to narrow down the perfect tyre for you!

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Tesla turbine wheel fitted with EV-friendly tyre.

Why Opt for EV-Optimised Tyres?

Electric vehicles don’t require special tyres, but there are several reasons you might want to consider EV-optimised tyres. Some of the main characteristics that you might want to consider are:


Electric vehicles are all about efficiency and the tyres play a crucial role in this. Fitting energy efficient tyres can significantly reduce rolling resistance, which in turn conserves battery power and extends your vehicle's range.

Tyres specifically made for EVs often feature advanced rubber compounds and tread designs that minimise energy loss, allowing you to drive further on a single charge.

Noise Reduction

A feature of electric cars that owners love is their quiet operation. However, because the drivetrain makes less noise, that can highlight tyre noise and make it more noticeable. EV-specific tyres are designed to be quieter, thanks to specific tread patterns and materials that absorb road noise.

Load Rating

Electric vehicles are typically heavier than their internal combustion engine variants, due to the weight of the battery packs. While there are many options for higher load rated tyres, EV-specific tyres are constructed to handle this extra weight without the traditional comfort and noise drawbacks.

Traction Capabilities

With instant, punchy power deliver, ensuring your EV has tyres that can stand up the the torque ensures not only a safer driving experience but also one that maximises the dynamic capabilities of your vehicle.

The Compromise with Non-EV Specific Tyres

Some tyre manufacturers don’t make tyres specifically for EVs, but still sell tyres that will suit EVs just fine. It’s important to remember that you don’t have to fit specific EV-only tyres to your vehicle.

Many non-EV specific tyres might offer similar levels of traction and durability, but can sometimes make compromises in areas like rolling resistance and noise levels, which can detract from the optimal operation and comfort of your electric vehicle. Your local Tyrepower store can provide more information regarding this if you have a specific tyre in mind.

As long as you get the right size tyre that meets or exceeds the load carrying capacity required by your vehicle manufacturer, you won’t have any legal issues with your tyre choice.

Visit Your Local Tyrepower Experts

We encourage every electric vehicle and hybrid owner to visit their local Tyrepower store to learn more about tyres suitable for electric vehicles. At each one of our 300 locations Australia-wide, you’ll find a knowledgeable team that provides tailored advice and help you select the perfect tyres for your EV.

Take advantage of a free tyre inspection to assess the condition of your current tyres and ensure your vehicle remains in top driving shape.

Remember, the right tyres not only enhance the performance and efficiency of your electric vehicle but also contribute to a safer and more enjoyable driving experience.

Browse our website, or visit us at one of our 300+ stores across Australia, and let us help you 'power up' your electric vehicle with the perfect tyres.