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Pros and Cons of All Terrain Tyres

Pros and Cons of All Terrain Tyres

Should you follow the trend of upgrading your tyres?

Buy the right aftermarket wheels, whatever car you drive.

Buy the right aftermarket wheels, whatever car you drive.

Want to upgrade your wheels but not sure where to start?

Wheel Alignments, Tyre Rotations and Maximum Tyre Lifespans

Wheel Alignments, Tyre Rotations and Maximum Tyre Lifespans

Do you want your tyres to last as long as possible? Read here to learn more.

A handy checklist for roadtrip preparation.

Ensuring a Smooth and Safe Journey with Some Basic Preparation

Whether you’re heading away for work or with family, some simple prep can make your trip an enjoyable one.

Get the Power of ProFleet

Tyrepower Fleet

Need vehicle servicing, repairs, accommodation and more for your business vehicles?
With Tyrepower ProFleet, your fleet of vehicles gets priority booking at over 270 Tyrepower locations across Australia and New Zealand.

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Tyrepower Card

Tyrepower Fleet Card

As one of Australia’s leading multibranded fuel cards, the Tyrepower Fleet Card gives you the power of so much more.

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Questions to ask your Mechanic

5 questions to ask your mechanic

Many car owners know that it’s important to have your car serviced on a regular basis, but how many actually understand the work performed during a service and how it is beneficial for your car?

We have identified five questions to ask your mechanic next time you book your car in for a routine service.

  1.        Will you provide me with an estimate?

It can be slightly daunting dropping your car off for a routine check-up, not knowing what the bill will be when it’s time to pick it up again. Ask your mechanic if they can provide you with a written estimate prior to commencing work on the car.

When taking your car in for the service be completely up front about any areas of concern, such as any strange noises you have been hearing, if your car is driving differently to normal, or if it is behaving strangely in certain driving conditions. This way the mechanic can take all of this into account when estimating the amount of time and money the job will set you both back.

  1.        Will you call me before completing any unexpected repairs or work?

Similarly, ask your mechanic to call you with an update mid-way through the service, and ask them to contact you for consent prior to commencing any unexpected repairs on your vehicle that are not included in the standard service. If your car does require additional repairs, ask your mechanic to advise how much this is likely to cost, and how long it will take.

  1.        Is this work covered by a warranty?

Choosing a company that issues you a warranty for all parts and labour is a great way to ensure your peace of mind. It means that if you drive the car away and experience any problems on the work they completed, you can have this rectified without having to be out of pocket.

  1.        Can you please talk me through the completed work or repairs?

When it’s time to collect your car from the mechanic, ask them to walk you through the work they completed on your car. They should be able to provide you with an itemised list of any parts used on the car – from oil, filters and new wiper blades, to new tyres – and labour. If any repairs were completed, make sure you understand exactly what it was that caused the issue and how they fixed it. Get a good understanding of the condition of your car both before and after the service.

  1.        When should I next bring my car in for a service?

Get an idea of when you should next be bringing your car in for a service, and what work will need to be done when you return. Will it be a regular service or will extra maintenance be required next time? This will help you plan for any associated costs, and ensure your car remains in good working order on an ongoing basis.