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Easter is here, and many Aussies will be grabbing the opportunity to take a road trip over the extra-long weekend.

With the weather still warm enough to get outdoors and explore in many parts of the country, the kids on school holidays, and a few extra days off up our sleeves, it’s no wonder Australian families love to jump in the car and escape during this period.

But before you drive off into the sunset, it’s important to take note of the following safety tips to ensure you arrive safely these Easter holidays.

Inspect your vehicle:

Before setting off on your trip, conduct a five point safety check on your vehicles brakes, suspension, lights, restraints (such as seatbelts), and of course, tyres. If you are unsure about how to check your tyres, visit the experts at your local Tyrepower store, who will be more than happy to complete the inspection.

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Check your tyre pressure:

Ensure you check your tyre pressure when your tyres are cold. Under inflation can cause excessive tyre wear and tear. Not only enhancing your safety on the road, correctly inflated tyres will also improve your fuel economy.

Night time driving:

Try to plan your trip so that you don’t have to travel at night, as driving in the dark and when you’re fatigued can be dangerous. Plan a safe route on well-lit roads and work out your rest stops and overnight stays before you leave home.

Make sure your lights are working for any night time driving you may have to do. It is also worth cleaning the lenses for maximum visibility.

Rest stops:

Speaking of rest stops, it’s important that you stop for a rest – and to stretch those legs – every two hours. It’s also great to share the driving with another capable driver to ensure you stay sharp and focused when behind the wheel.

Stock up on supplies:

Many businesses close for the Easter long weekend, particularly on Good Friday and Easter Sunday. To keep any rumbly tummies at bay and ensure you are fully stocked with necessities, it’s worth checking what shops and services will be open enroute to and at your destination – stock up on fuel, oil, water, food staples, and of course Easter eggs, before you leave home.

Also, be sure to have a spare tyre on hand for any unexpected punctures!

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