Become a Tyrepower dealer – find out how. | Tyrepower

Become a Tyrepower dealer – find out how.

Tyrepower: A retail Model that puts the Dealer First

Unlike most of our competitors, Tyrepower is not a franchise.

In fact Tyrepower is owned entirely by the members as all 260 of them are equal shareholders in the company.

This mutual business model ensures that members retain control of their own business whilst providing them with the opportunity to build on the strength of a household brand without the complexity or cost of a franchise arrangement.

Tyrepower members have the power to influence the future direction of the group and our business model is designed to foster a culture of success.

How does it work? Each new member is required to take shares in Tyrepower. These shares represent an on-going asset to the member. The only other costs for new Tyrepower members relate to business acquisition, membership fees and associated member levies.

It's that easy. 

Once you've made the decision to join the Tyrepower Team you'll soon realise the truly amazing benefits that our members have at their disposal.

A snapshot of these benefits include:

  • Massive buying power
  • Strong market profile
  • Group conferences
  • Business Independence
  • Access to major brands
  • National Training Programs
  • Exclusive product range
  • Marketing and Administration support
  • Business development programs
  • In-field support
  • Millions spent on Television, Radio, Newspaper and Billboard Campaigns
  • Access to the National 13 21 91 telephone number
  • Yellow Pages Advertising both in the book and on-line
  • Web presence at:
  • Access to extensive range of point of sale materials
  • Access to a streamlined accounting system
  • The security of dealing with an expanding professional network
  • The support of more that 260 stores throughout Australasia
  • To find out more please contact the office in your state by clicking here