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Let’s look at ways to make our driving more fuel efficient.

Reducing fuel consumption is beneficial in more ways than one. A fuel efficient vehicle is good on the wallet and the environment.

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Understanding uneven tyre wear

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Tyre purchase on credit

Buying tyres on credit with Zippay. Should I go cheap or premium?

Are you really needing new tyres for your car but don’t quite have the funds or perhaps your rent is due at the same time? Tyrepower now offers Zippay, with 6 months interest free repayments.

Get the Power of ProFleet

Tyrepower Fleet

Need vehicle servicing, repairs, accommodation and more for your business vehicles?
With Tyrepower ProFleet, your fleet of vehicles gets priority booking at over 270 Tyrepower locations across Australia and New Zealand.

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Tyrepower Fleet Card

As one of Australia’s leading multibranded fuel cards, the Tyrepower Fleet Card gives you the power of so much more.

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A modern guide from Tyrepower to plus sizing your tyres.

When it comes to plus sizing your tyres, there are many factors to take into consideration but let’s begin with why. Why would someone plus size their tyres? This question is often answered with “Well... it looks good!”. But it does also serve a purpose. So, let's roll into it and start with a few pros and cons.

Pros of Plus Sizing your Tyres

  • Better handling, especially during corning
  • Grip is improved exponentially
  • Works well with other upgrades like suspension and brakes
  • Fits high-performance wheels
  • Looks great

Cons of Plus Sizing your Tyres

  • Sacrificing comfort for performance
  • Can be easily damaged
  • Softer compounds means shorter lifespan
  • Will cost considerably more

So, what is plus sizing?

Plus sizing your tyres is the process of upgrading your wheels with larger ones, while keeping the original rolling diameter of the original equipment (OE) tyre. Visually, the tyre aspect ratio will decrease as the wheel diameter increases. An upsized tyre is also wider to match the increased wheel width. Typically, your rear wheels are wider coupled with a wider offset.

If this sounds daunting to you but you are interested in going down this path, talk to the experts at Tyrepower and they’ll handle the maths for you. You just have to decide on what gains you’re looking to achieve from plus sizing your tyres and what sort of driving or terrain you intend on tackling.

Plus Sizing back in the day was typically associated with high-performance vehicles but today, most small sized hatches and family sedans can also benefit from plus sizing with enhanced performance, handling and appearance.

Performance isn’t just for looks

As you would expect from most upgrades to a vehicle, performance is most people's intended gain, and upsizing your wheels certainly achieves this. With more rubber on the road your car’s grip and handling is the first considerable difference.

While increased performance and better handling is exciting, what about safety? Well, you guessed it, improved braking is achieved with upsized tyres. That extra contact you have with a wider footprint means pulling up quicker over a much shorter braking distance.

Pirelli P Zero tyre Tyrepower

While some people upgrade for looks, others upgrade for performance but both should be achieved. After upgrading your brakes, you might have opted for larger calipers and brake systems. This could in turn affect the clearance between this component and your OE rim. You may be required to upgrade to a larger wheel, so instantly, you’re plus sizing your tyres.

Issues you may encounter when plus sizing your tyres

There are some disadvantages of plus sizing your tyres but at the end of the day, it's really a personal decision and based on your everyday driving experiences. With low profile tyres comes a greater chance of damaging your wheels. With a smaller sidewall you have less protection from gutter rash (hitting the curb) or general wear and tear.

High-performance tyres that come with plus sizing have softer compounds for enhanced grip and cornering abilities. This will almost certainly reduce the lifespan of your tyres and with most asymmetrical performance tyres, the option of rotation is limited.

Plus sizing also means the price goes up, way up! But, what are you prepared to pay for new tyres? This is the number one question and really, honestly, you can’t put a price on your own safety. Protecting those around you and also other motorists sharing the same stretch of road should be number one.

Some other tyre guidelines to follow when purchasing are:

  • Never mix up tyre sizes on the same axle
  • Try sticking to one brand of tyre on your vehicle at any particular time
  • Radial tyres must be fitted to the rear axle when only a pair is on the vehicle
  • Pay attention to the direction of your tread pattern when changing tyres

Where can I find a plus size tyre fitter

With the backing of over 270 stores across Australia, there is a Tyrepower near you. Simply locate a dealer through our website and you’ll be in contact in no time. Tyrepower offers advice and guidance on all tyre and wheel inquiries, but if you have any further questions regarding Plus Size tyre fitments, simply call today.