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How to save fuel while driving

Let’s look at ways to make our driving more fuel efficient.

Reducing fuel consumption is beneficial in more ways than one. A fuel efficient vehicle is good on the wallet and the environment.

Understanding types of tyre wear

Understanding uneven tyre wear

Get the most out of your tyres and prevent uneven tyre wear.

Choosing the right tyres for your car this summer.

Know your car battery

Knowing your car battery is essential. Faults and issues can leave us stranded. Here are a few things you can look out for.

Tyre purchase on credit

Buying tyres on credit with Zippay. Should I go cheap or premium?

Are you really needing new tyres for your car but don’t quite have the funds or perhaps your rent is due at the same time? Tyrepower now offers Zippay, with 6 months interest free repayments.

Get the Power of ProFleet

Tyrepower Fleet

Need vehicle servicing, repairs, accommodation and more for your business vehicles?
With Tyrepower ProFleet, your fleet of vehicles gets priority booking at over 270 Tyrepower locations across Australia and New Zealand.

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Tyrepower Card

Tyrepower Fleet Card

As one of Australia’s leading multibranded fuel cards, the Tyrepower Fleet Card gives you the power of so much more.

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Tyrepower stores are open and working to ensure our customer and staff safety during the COVID-19 pandemic. Find out more

Buying tyres on credit with Zippay. Should I go cheap or premium?

It’s really the age old thing, you get what you pay for! These days, we are fortunate to have multiple options when it comes to purchasing on credit, so why not go a little fancy! And we are not talking about bank credit cards.

Enter the convenient world of Zippay and ZipMoney

We are now offering 6 months interest free repayments through the Australian credit facility Zippay. This means that now you can afford those premium tyres you have had your eye on and pay them off over time.

By using Zippay you enter into a contract with the intention to pay back the money over 6 months. It’s really simple to create your own account and manage your payments via their app or online. Payback as much or as little as you want over 6 months, interest may occur beyond that.

Where does credit purchasing fall in the auto market?

The auto market makes up for 4% of Zippay’s purchasing according to Zip’s 2018 annual report. This segment is rising as consumers lean towards a more premium tyre and services.

Buying tyres on credit, what are the benefits?

  • Premium tyres are now within reach
  • Monthly interest free payments
  • Manage your payments according to your ability to pay back the funds
  • Your vehicle will be safer with new tyres

The history and future of spending habits

In 1976 a Nobel Prize winner for economics by the name of Milton Friedman, first hypothesized that people's spending habits were determined not only by current income but projected future income. The term 'permanent income hypothesis’ was brought to attention in his 1957 book A Theory of the Consumption Function

Our ability to anticipate future income has now led to many buy now pay later agreements like Zippay. So, those new Pirelli P Zero tyres you were eyeing off can now become a reality with the ability to pay them off over time.

If you have been putting off new tyres, now is the time to take advantage of buying tyres on credit. Tyrepower stores across Australia now offer Zippay. Make a booking today or simply call one of our stores to speak with a professional.