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Our Guide to Formula One around the World

Formula One represents the technological pinnacle of all motorsport.  It is one of the world’s biggest sporting events held in numerous countries. Usually taking place over three days, it attracts millions of visitors from all over the world.  It is here that driver champions are made. 

Below we have provided a bit of a guide on some of the Formula One races held around the world. Put them on your bucket list!

History of Formula One

Formula One racing originated with the European Grand Prix Motor Racing of the 1920s and 1930s. It was quite simple compared to today as cars raced on plain road tracks. It was after World War II, during 1946, that racing started becoming more sophisticated due to developments in auto technology. The first world championship race was held at Silverstone, in the United Kingdom in 1950. After this, more competitions and major championships were developed and the sport grew to what we see today. With millions of fans, it attracts huge sponsorship and delivers drivers that have the status of Olympic champions.

Pirelli Tyres and F1 Racing

The tyres form a race car’s single biggest performance variable so it’s important to get them right.  Pirelli is now the official and sole tyre supplier to F1.  This Italian tyre manufacturer is a reputable and trusted brand.  In previous years, Bridgestone was the tyre supplier for F1. Also a trusted brand, Bridgestone is synonymous with ingenuity and innovation.

Chinese Formula One

Held at the Shanghai International Circuit, it was the most expensive Formula One circuit facility built back in 2004, costing $240 million. It is a 5.4 kilometre racing track and is actually shaped like the Chinese character 'shang', which stands for 'high' or 'above'. It actually incorporates many ‘feng shui’ elements in its design. The course is remarkable for its change of acceleration and deceleration within different winding turns. It makes high demands on the driver as well as the car.

Bahrain Formula One

Located at Sakhir, 30 km south-west of the island's capital, Manama, the circuit contains no less than five track layouts within one complex.  Over 12,000 tonnes of stone were used in its construction, a third of them actually consisting of Welsh granite. This granite was considered ideal for the track surface due to its great adhesive qualities.

Abu Dhabi Formula One

Abu Dhabi’s F1 racing track is considered by many to be the jewel of racing tracks in the Arab world.  It’s a 5.55-kilometre track overlooking the bay (Yas Island). On November 1st, 2009, the country's first Grand Prix was hosted here.  The first F1 twilight race, with powerful lighting was also held here. In all, the track is a great example of modern Formula One circuit design. It features top speeds of 325 km/hour and average speeds of 190km/hour.

Russia Formula One

Situated at the Sochi circuit, which is located on the Black Sea resort of the same name, it is the first purpose-built Formula One facility in Russia.  It hosted the country's Grand Prix in October 2014. The 5.848-kilometre, 55,000-capacity circuit is actually incorporated into the Olympic Park infrastructure.  

Monaco Formula One

This is the one race of the year that every driver dreams of winning. With it comes much prestige and fame.  Considered to be the world’s most challenging circuit, it leaves no room for error.  Due to its design, it demands more concentration than any other Formula One track. Cars move with maximum down force and brakes are worked hard. Therefore, qualifying in Monaco is more important than at any other Grand Prix.

Exhilarating Experience

Formula One racing is an exhilarating experience to be part of. Even if you can’t attend the above races listed in person, it is still an amazing experience to watch them in the comfort of your own home, or the local pub. Remember the crucial role that tyres play in the race as well as on your vehicle. To get your tyres checked and serviced, contact us today. 

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