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Mud Terrain Tyres Explained

What are Mud-Terrain tyres and do I need them?

Mud-Terrain tyres are here at Tyrepower.

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What are Mud-Terrain tyres and do I need them?


Mud-Terrain tyres serve a very specific purpose, to perform in extreme off road conditions. They are best suited to serious off road driving and specific to 4WD and similar vehicles. Built with aggressive tread patterns and much softer rubber compounds, the Mud-Terrain is designed to crawl, dig and find its way out of some very sticky situations.

Upgrading your tyres should be the first modification you do to your 4WD and in the off road world, the bigger the better.

Every year, tyre manufacturers go nuts in the design room. From aggressive tread blocks that push the limits of off-road driving with patterns, to mud ejecting sipes, super strong steel radial sidewalls, and softer compounds for a smoother ride. All of this is done in the name of maximising the fun you can have whilst staying safe off road.

Size matters

When choosing the perfect mud tyre you first need to establish whether or not the tyre will fit in your wheel arch. Most 4WD’s come standard with All-Terrain or Highway tyres, which typically means when upsizing your 4X4 tyres to MT’s, a minimum of 2 inches of lift may be required so you don’t get tyre rubbing.

Check with your local laws regarding lifts and upsizing your tyres, as each state and territory is different. Find your local Tyrepower store today for advice you can trust.

With all the benefits of a Mud-Terrain tyre come a few considerations to take into account. Road noise and tyre wear are increased significantly with larger tread blocks and softer rubber compounds. So, if you are spending more time on the hard stuff than off the beaten track, then maybe All-Terrain tyres could be the right choice of tyre for you.

There are a number of popular Mud-Terrain brands, and treads, at Tyrepower including

Muddies can vary in tread depth depending on the type of intended driving. Less tread depth will benefit those looking for more of a touring tyre, capable of going off road and into some serious 4wd’ing. Bigger tread blocks and deeper sipes will no doubt be noisier on the road but will provide maximum grip in any condition off road.

Get the right advice on Mud-Terrain tyres at Tyrepower

At the end of the day, you really have to ask yourself what kind of driving you do. If you’re not tackling big muddy holes or rock climbing your way through your local bush tracks on a regular basis then maybe the Mud-Terrain tyre isn’t for you. If so, check out our huge range of All-Terrain tyres available at your nearest Tyrepower store.

If you want the best Mud-Terrain tyres at the best price, Tyrepower has the tyre for you. With over 270 stores nationwide, there is a Tyrepower store near you stocked with the latest Mud-Terrain tyres.