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I’ve made no secret that I am all for change in behaviours on our roads. Some of the things I’ve witnessed, quite frankly leaves me scratching my head at what people are thinking. Or perhaps, more so… NOT thinking.

With both my Supercars responsibilities and personally, I’m regularly on rural roads. Other drivers with poor car maintenance, risky behaviours and not driving to the conditions leave me bamboozled!

To put it into perspective.

Two thirds of deaths last year occurred on regional roads.

One in three drivers admit they are more likely to break a road rule on rural roads.

However, 1 in 3 road users believe a shift in driver attitudes and behaviours would have the biggest impact on the rural road toll

Refer to my thinking/not thinking comment!

August is Rural Road Safety month and with my work with the Australian Road Safety Foundation, I was proud to be at Parliament House earlier this month to kick it off. One thing that struck me is that while Ministers are usually willing to throw down a battle against their opposition, this is one battle that they all agree on. Taking the pledge and choosing road safety.

Rural road conditions can often be more variable than urban, which is why it makes it even more important to do a couple of easy checks before you hit the road.

One of the biggest, is to check your tyre pressures.

Generally before we head off on a road trip, we need to fill up with fuel. Make it part of your habit to check your tyre pressures at the same time. All service stations have a designated area where you can do this. And inflate to the manufactures specifications, if needed.

The recommended PSI or pressure is located on both the side wall of the tyre and the manufacturer’s plate inside the car door. Generally it’s on the door jamb of the driver’s door. But if you’re unsure, familiarise yourself with both before you head off.

The most common tyre issues come from under inflation, particularly on those long trips. When you think about it, it’s like a semi deflated balloon. The tyre doesn’t sit well on the road affecting stability and turning, as well as being more vulnerable to side wall damage and punctures.

But equally, an under inflated tyre is putting it under unnecessary stress. That leads to more wear and tear as well and decreasing your fuel efficiency. A ‘double whammy’ to your back pocket.

If you’re ever unsure, your local Tyrepower Store is always happy to help and give you advice.

It’s an easy check or a simple question, but it has a BIG impact on us all getting home safely on our roads.

For me on the racing front, I can’t wait to get to the next round at Tailem Bend. I am back on double duties with my broadcast role and back in the driver’s seat for the Co-Driver’s practice session. This is only Supercars’ second event at Tailem Bend or as we call it ‘The Bend’. So I have been watching plenty of in car vision to try to pick up any gains we missed last year. Fair to say that the Red Bull Holden Racing Commodore is well suited to the fast flowing track.

Although it may not come across on TV, it has good elevation changes as well as blind corners over crests. It definitely makes for exciting racing.

While I’m in South Australia, I’ll also be calling into the Tyrepower Blackwood store on Wednesday 21st August from 10am-2pm. They won International Store of the Year for 2017, so join me there to get a signature or photo and help them celebrate that milestone!

Drive safe and keep smiling.


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