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What a fantastic way to start the new year … I am delighted to confirm here that I have joined forces with Tyrepower as a National Ambassador.

It’s a tremendous opportunity … I’ve worked with the guys and girls at Tyrepower Queensland for five years now, and have really enjoyed the experience, and now I’ll be able to get involved right across the country.

I know Tyrepower management have some exciting plans and promotions in the pipeline, so I am looking forward to being a part of all that as the next few years unfold.

One of the tremendous things about what I do for a living is that along the way I get to meet and partner with some great businesses.

I love getting involved, understanding a business, meeting the people and contributing where I can … Tyrepower is the perfect case in point because it’s really 250 individual businesses under one great brand.

Think about that, that’s a lot of people with passion and commitment, and that’s what you need to make a success of life.

More will unfold about my involvement with Tyrepower in the coming months but right now, as I write, I’m in the middle of a break.

It’s the off-season in V8 Supercars, a very short one this time around, and truth be told I’m not doing a lot. Which is just what I want!

A quick trip or two to see the relatives, lots of time with the kids, the novelty of being at home rather than travelling all the time, having a few BBQs and friends around. It’s a great time of year and the break is much needed, after a tough 2014.

Dick Johnson is famous for saying that the only thing you get from looking over your shoulder is a sore neck, and that’s my view too.

Although right now I’m trying not to think about the year ahead as the break is very important to recharge the batteries, it’s always difficult not to think about something you love.

I know the 2015 V8 Supercar season is going to be a big one, and I’m heading into it refreshed and ready to go … the competition’s tougher than ever but I’ve got more experience than ever, and that counts.

As always, the crew at Red Bull Racing Australia are already hard at it working on tweaks that’ll make our Commodores faster than ever, trialling new things and freshening everything up, looking for that edge.

Our first hit out will be the new Super Test at Sydney Motorsport Park, a two-day test and promotional weekend in early February, only weeks away!

Gotta go light the BBQ right now but I’ll be writing regularly, updating you each month on what’s been happening inside my world … and of course what we’re doing with Tyrepower.

Stay safe, talk soon.


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