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Nitrogen Tyre Inflation Services

Ask your local Tyrepower store about filling your tyres with Nitrogen, rather than regular compressed air.

Benefits of Nitrogen Inflation

Filling tyres with nitrogen, rather than plain old air has several benefits. The main one is its extremely low moisture content.

Water vapour in the compressed air inside your tyres is the primary reason why the pressure can fluctuate so much with temperature changes. With a hot tyre potentially having 6 to 8 PSI more pressure than when you checked it while the tyre was ‘cold’.

The industrial nitrogen used to inflate tyres has an extremely low moisture content, and so avoids much of the thermal expansion and contraction that regular atmospheric air undergoes.

Accurate tyre pressures are essential for promoting even tyre wear, great handling characteristics as well as vehicle safety.

Refilling your tyres

You can absolutely top up the pressure in your tyres by using regular compressed air, but the more air you add, the less benefit from the original nitrogen inflation you continue to receive.

If you notice your tyres are losing pressure faster than about 2-3PSI a month, which is normal, book your vehicle in to see us and we will inspect your tyres for punctures, faulty valves or improper bead seating.

Even when filling up new tyres for the first time, it’s impossible to completely purge all regular air from the tyre, as such, tyres inflated with ‘pure nitrogen’ will still contain about 1-2& oxygen and water vapours. This is a totally negligible amount and will not contribute to steel wheel corrosion or tyre oxidation in any meaningful way.

Nitrogen tyre inflation services are available at selected stores only, please contact 13 21 91 to speak to your local store or find your nearest Tyrepower here.