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This service is only offered at certain locations. Please choose a store location and refresh this page to find out if your local store offers roadworthy inspections

NSW Roadworthy Inspections

Select Tyrepower stores in NSW are Authorised Inspection Stations for vehicle registration inspections.

Your local Tyrepower store offers Pink Slip inspections with quick turnaround times and efficient communication, should any issues arise when inspecting your vehicle.

When do I need a Pink Slip inspection?

The state of NSW requires that your vehicle passes a roadworthy certificate (otherwise known as a Pink Slip) if your vehicle is older than 5 years and your registration requires renewal.

Under NSW government regulations, some vehicles are exempt from eSafety checks, along with trailers that weigh less than 251 kilograms, and caravans that weigh less than 411 kilograms.

If you are unsure as to what legislation is relevant to you, contact your local Tyrepower or visit the Service NSW site. We can provide you with the applicable information regarding roadworthy requirements that are relevant to you.

What’s checked during a roadworthy inspection?

A NSW roadworthy inspection covers the vehicle’s key components and safety features to ensure that it is in sound operating condition and safe for use on our roads. The same checks are performed regardless of whether you require a Pink Slip or Blue Slip.

The inspection only covers major safety-related items, including:

  • Wheels and tyres (tread depth, tyre age)
  • Steering, suspension and brakes (worn or damaged components)
  • Seatbelts and seats (frayed seatbelts or wobbly seats)
  • Lights, light covers and indicators (cracked lenses or blown lights)
  • Windscreen and windows (including wipers and washers)
  • Vehicle structure (eg body and chassis corrosion) and engine fluid leaks

What happens if my vehicle fails an inspection?

Many times when we fail a roadworthy inspection, it’s a simple fix that can be rectified on the spot. Issues such as a blown globe are reasons to fail a car, but are no more than a 5-minute fix that we can usually perform on-the-spot.

If your vehicle requires more in-depth maintenance to resolve an issue that is outside of the scope of a normal inspection, you will be issued a Repairs Needed Report.

Receiving a repair needed report isn’t the end of the world, you’ll have up to 14 days to rectify any issues on your vehicle. The follow-up inspection is free when you return back to the same inspection station for a follow up assessment. Taking longer than 14 days, or going to another inspection station will result in being charged another inspection fee.

It’s important to remember that a roadworthy inspection is not the same as a comprehensive mechanical inspection, such as the one you may want to be performed before purchasing a secondhand vehicle privately.

Detailed mechanical inspections cover much more than just the safety related components and can potentially reveal issues not associated with a roadworthy examination.

NSW Pink Slip Inspections are available at selected stores only, please contact 13 21 91 to speak to your local store or find your nearest Tyrepower here.