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Run Flat Tyres

Tyrepower are your run flat tyre experts.

A safety feature from the 1930’s, run flat tyres have seen huge leaps in technology advancements.

Winter Car Checks

Mid-Winter driving tips with your local Tyrepower.

It's cold, it's wet. We should be taking extra care on the road.

Handling your vehicle in the wet

Driving in Wet Weather conditions

It's winter but let’s face it, it can be wet all year round so how best to handle your car?

Cheap Vs Premium Tyres

Cheap Vs Premium Tyres

Looking at purchasing new tyres and can’t decide on whether to go all out or stick to a budget?

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Cheap Vs Premium Tyres

Pirelli’s P Zero range of premium tyres may be expensive but cannot be beat when it comes to performance.

It’s the age old question of do I spend more for a premium option or cheap out and save a few dollars on tyres. An expensive tyre from a renowned manufacturer is made from high quality materials and built to exacting standards.

In our opinion, cheaping out on tyres is a bad idea. Yes, there are some great brands that have a range of low-end budget tyres but at the end of the day, do you really want to risk it?

Mid-range to premium tyres are generally better in more ways than one but what do you get exactly with premium tyres?

  • Build quality
  • Materials
  • Research and development
  • Overall handling in adverse conditions
  • Better life expectancy
  • Better braking distances

A lot goes into making a tyre, from the design and research stage, right through to development and construction. The standard of materials will ultimately decide a tyre's overall performance, handling, safety and lifespan.

Tyre brands spend billions of dollars every year getting their formulas right. Testing is vigorous to meet the highest standards of safety and quality set today, in what is a highly competitive market.

This kind of budget spend must be made up elsewhere, usually ending up on the consumer with higher than average price tags in the showroom.

When it comes to cheaper tyres, less development has been undertaken and the overall spec of the tyre is of a lesser quality or, the tyre was destined for another country and has been brought into the Australian market through grey or parallel channels.

Other reasons for big brand tyres to be more expensive:

  • OE or Original Equipment for vehicle manufacturers like BMW, Porsche, Mercedes Benz can result in a higher prices
  • World wide demand for premium tyres can leave stock shortages. Supply and demand.
  • Increasing cost of living generally effects overall price point on shop floors

Tyrepower stocks a huge range of premium tyres from the leading brands including Pirelli, Michelin, Falken and Toyo.

Backed by the buying power of over 270 stores located across Australia, Tyrepower has a great range of premium and budget tyres available for your vehicle. For more information on the right tyre for you, find your local store and get in touch to speak with one of our tyre experts on 13 21 91.