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The humble work ute - which tread pattern will best suit your vehicle?

The versatile Aussie ute. With many tyre options on the market, Tyrepower takes a look at tHighway and All-terrain tyres that may be suited to your ute.

Tyrepower’s Tyre Buying Guide

Tyrepower’s tyre buying guide is your tyre assistant.

Buying tyres with Tyrepower. Check this guide and have the confidence to buy the right tyres.

Battery Maintenance

Battery Maintenance with Tyrepower

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Tyrepower’s tyre buying guide is your tyre assistant.

When the time comes around for new tyres, it can be somewhat of an overwhelming experience. These days, with such a wide variety of tyres available, you could be purchasing either the wrong tyre or more importantly an unsafe tyre.

Tyrepower has been the trusted tyre store for many Australians for over 40 years. Our trusted expert advice and knowledgeable independent tyre professionals have guided buyers with confidence.

Here are a few tips to consider when purchasing your new tyres.

  • Knowing when you need new tyres
  • Buying the right tyre
  • Avoiding grey market products
  • Stick to known, quality brands that you can trust
  • Avoid buying tyres online from non reputable suppliers

Knowing when to buy new tyres

The condition of your tyres, and more importantly the tread depth, is the first step in knowing when to buy new tyres for your vehicle. All tyres have tread wear indicators (twi) located in the central grooves of the tread.

In Australia, the minimum legal tread depth is 1.5mm.


Buying the right tyre

When it comes to buying new tyres, buying the right tyre for your vehicle and the type of driving you intend to do is first and foremost. Our expert tyre technicians can guide you in buying the right tyre for your car.

For most situations, purchasing a set of tyres that is recommended by the vehicle manufacturer is the most safe and correct way. However, you may upgrade or upsize your tyres, for instance, 4X4 tyres are a common upgrade. Speaking with a tyre expert for trusted advice can assist you to find the right tyres for your vehicle and its intended purpose.

Avoid grey market tyres

Grey market tyres are brought into the Australian market by outside channels. The tyre may be from a reputable manufacturer but intended for another region. Tyrepower stocks only legal tyres from all the big brands. Every tyre is imported through our distributors, designed and tested for the Australian tyre market.

Stick to well known brands

Well known brands like Michelin, Pirelli, Bridgestone and Goodyear have been designing and manufacturing tyres for over a century. They spend millions of dollars each and every year on product research and development to ensure that their tyres are safe, reliable and deliver on performance.

New or unknown brands from outside your region may not have the experience or knowledge on producing a tyre completely capable of handling your local conditions.

Avoid buying tyres online from non reputable suppliers

Buying tyres online has the potential to either put you out of pocket or unknowingly purchase grey market tyres. Talking with the experts at your local Tyrepower store ensures that you are getting a quality product from a reputable manufacturer.

When buying tyres online, further unexpected costs could be involved, including shipping or returns due to buying the incorrect tyre size.

It pays to talk to the professionals. Your local Tyrepower is backed by the buying power of over 270 stores located around Australia. When it comes to experience, quality products and local knowledge, you can’t beat Tyrepower.

Call a Tyrepower representative today on 13 21 91 for your nearest store.