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Latest Innovations in Car Tyres

Latest Innovations in Car Tyres

We may not think about this often, but tyres are truly engineering marvels capable of making our vehicles safer and more efficient. Tyres have a long history and have come a long way since their early days as bands of metal fitted around wooden wheels. To this day, we continue to see innovations unveiled that change how we understand tyres.

Airless Tyres

A tyre puncture is one of the most frustrating things that can happen on the road. It’s also dangerous. For these reasons, some tyre companies like Hankook are in the early stages of pioneering an airless tyre. There’ll be a lot of excitement once this concept becomes a reality.

Energy Generating Tyres

In 2015, Goodyear took the car world by storm and unveiled their BH03 concept. According to the company, the tyre generates electricity by capturing and transforming the energy created by heat as the materials in the tyre flex as it rolls during normal driving conditions. These tyres can improve the performance of electric vehicles and isn’t just a great idea but a common-sense innovation.

AI Tyres

In 2017, Goodyear unveiled the Eagle 360 Urban which is designed to have an AI core that serves as the tyre’s ‘brain’. Once installed, this tyre works as a central component in the car’s operation. Your tread instantly adjusts to your driving conditions when necessary. It will record data and vehicle movements and change itself to suit conditions, such as by adding dimples to the tyres' tread to improve traction when raining.

3D Printed Tyres

3D printing is still a relatively new technology, but the potential it offers for a variety of industries including automobiles are huge. Michelin’s Vision concept tyre makes use of this technology as well as incorporating other innovations. The tyre is printed from bio-sourced materials into a design that mimics the natural cellular structures of coral, meaning it never blows out. It also features a smart system that communicates with its user and is rechargeable.

Air Cleaning Tyres

Goodyear has a concept tyre called ‘Oxygene’, a moss-covered tyre designed to clean the surrounding air. It works through photosynthesis to absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen. The idea is to offset pollution caused by cars and help create cleaner air and improve health and quality of life in inner-city areas.

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