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Pros and Cons of All Terrain Tyres

Pros and Cons of All Terrain Tyres

Should you follow the trend of upgrading your tyres?

Buy the right aftermarket wheels, whatever car you drive.

Buy the right aftermarket wheels, whatever car you drive.

Want to upgrade your wheels but not sure where to start?

Wheel Alignments, Tyre Rotations and Maximum Tyre Lifespans

Wheel Alignments, Tyre Rotations and Maximum Tyre Lifespans

Do you want your tyres to last as long as possible? Read here to learn more.

A handy checklist for roadtrip preparation.

Ensuring a Smooth and Safe Journey with Some Basic Preparation

Whether you’re heading away for work or with family, some simple prep can make your trip an enjoyable one.

Get the Power of ProFleet

Tyrepower Fleet

Need vehicle servicing, repairs, accommodation and more for your business vehicles?
With Tyrepower ProFleet, your fleet of vehicles gets priority booking at over 270 Tyrepower locations across Australia and New Zealand.

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Tyrepower Card

Tyrepower Fleet Card

As one of Australia’s leading multibranded fuel cards, the Tyrepower Fleet Card gives you the power of so much more.

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Signs Your Vehicle Requires New Shock Absorbers

Shock Absorber and Strut Replacements

What’s a shock absorber anyway?

Tyre Load Ratings - How Important Are They?

Tyre Load Ratings Explained

How do tyres get a load rating? What do they mean? How are tyres tested?

Tyre Speed Ratings Explained

The Tyre Speed Rating System

What are tyre speed ratings and should you care?

Tyre Cleaning Guide

Cleaning Your Tyres

What’s the best way to keep your tyres looking fresh?

Highly Efficient Eco Tyres

High Efficiency Tyre Upgrades

Save money by changing tyres? Sounds too good to be true.

Tyre Recycling with the TSA

Tyre Recycling In Australia

What happens to your old tyres?

Specialised Tyres for Electric Cars

Tyres For Electric Vehicles

Do electric vehicles really need specialty tyres?

All terrain tyre Guide

A guide to All-Terrain Tyres

Every tyre has its purpose. Learn about all terrain tyres and when they’re best used.

Safely Towing A Trailer

Safety Towing a Trailer or Caravan

After some quick tips on how to tow a trailer or caravan safely?

Tyrepower Blog – December 2022

Well, that’s a wrap on another huge season on the Supercars calendar and one mighty year. So I’ll start from the top and recap some of my personal highlights from 2022.

Tyre Rotation FAQ

What is a Tyre Rotation?

Don’t tyres rotate when you drive?

Guide to Mud Terrain Tyres

What Are Mud Terrain Tyres?

They’re not for everyone, but mud terrains can be a great upgrade.